Historical fiction · Young adult

Assassins Creed Series – Oliver Bowden ✶✶✶✶✶

assassins creed
#1 Renaissance
#2 Brotherhood
#3 The Secret Crusade
#4 Revelations
#5 Forsaken
#6 Blag Flag
#7 Unity
#8 Underworld

Date finished: 04/01/2016

Now this series will not be for everyone but other than Harry Potter this is the only other series of book I have adored and kept. You may have heard about the Assassins creed games, but trust me the books are even better than the games! With currently eight books in the series you are bound to be submerged into the Assassins creed world (my guilty pleasure). Warning you though these books do not follow the exact same story that is displayed throughout the games, although the books have way more details and insights (YAY!).

All the books are set back to the 1980’s and some even earlier than that. Each individual book is set in a different well known location around the world like London, Italy, Paris and Rome just to name a few. I am personally very interested in how life used to be back then and how clever and capable assassins are to achieve their missions. Will the fight between the templers and assassins ever come to an end? and who will finally emerge victorious?

I would highly recommend these books to you all if you think you will enjoy them, this series will appeal more to those readers who enjoy fantasy, adventure and historical fiction. Many people in my life have been shocked to find that I enjoyed them as a 21 year old female, but they are easy to read books that will always stick with me personally and I hope this will not be the last book! It can’t. 

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