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For better, For Worse – Carole Matthews ✶✶✶

for better for worse

Date Read: 31/01/2016

Carole Matthews has to be one of my favourite authors, I rated this book a fair three stars as there is a lot Carole has managed to fit into this one story. However, as I always say do not let me put you off this book as it is a well written story to be indulged in. I personally enjoyed this book as I do enjoy a good chick-lit every now and again. What more could you ask for with a wedding, affairs, love, lies, mistakes and secrets all fitting into one plot set in the heart of New York.

Carole has written a fun story with funny laugh out loud chapters hidden within. For better, For worse has had many mixed reviews and I would agree that this is not the best book Carole has ever written but still highly enjoyable.

Josie Flynn has given up with love after her marriage to Damien ended. Josie sets off to fly to New York for her cousins wedding however, she did not expect to meet Matt Jarvis on her flight to New York and how he would impact her life. Josie can see beyond her cousins emotions and lies that something is not quiet right with the wedding. Will the wedding take place? Will Josie find love again? That is for you to find out, give this book a chance I did! You will either love it or hate it.

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