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Little Girl Gone – Alexandra Burt ✶✶✶✶

litttle girl gone

Date Read: 14/12/2015

I decided to read this book due to all the hype and because of how much I had heard about it. There has been many mixed reviews about little girl gone and it seems readers either love it or hate it. I personally enjoyed the story but did not understand all the hype surrounding this book as I would not say it was an outstanding book, so that is why I awarded this book four stars instead of five. For me personally I think I set my expectations to high for this book, but do not let me put you off this book as it is a wonderfully written and an easy read to immerse yourself into.

Little Girl Gone is exactly what the title suggests! Estelle’s baby daughter has been taken from her cot, but who could have taken her without Estelle knowing? And how would they have got into the house? Estelle did not report her daughter missing for a few days, so is Estelle hiding a dark secret? Estelle is then found days later in her wrecked car with no memory of what has happened, will her daughter ever be returned? And will the truth finally be revealed? That is for you readers to find out if you choose to read this book.

I personally as a mother always read these types of books as you always assume that it would never happen to you, but it can happen and does happen for many mothers all over the world daily. Little Girl Gone made me open my eyes and think, how would I have prevented my daughter from being taken? This book is best suited for those readers who enjoy a good mystery and thriller full of suspense. Little Girl Gone is also the same story as Remembering Mia it is just that I read this story when the old title was out and before the title was changed.

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