horror · Killers · mystery · thriller

Normal – Graeme Cameron ✶✶✶✶✶


Date Read: 06/01/2016

Normal is definitely a book you should indulge in, especially if you love crime, thrillers, horrors and mystery’s , this book has it all in one for you in a short well written story that will be over before you know it. This book will have you gripped from the first page with its cleverly twisted plot and many turns ahead for you to endure. Prepare to enter the story of a killer…

He could be a man on your street or someone you see everyday who seems perfectly ‘normal’. On the other hand, you would not expect him to keep women in a secret basement and get away with it would you? Think again. He can even fool the police, so does he get caught? Does he mess up? If these are the questions you are thinking then you will have to read it as I am not giving anything else anyway.

I gave this book five stars as it really does deserve them, I really enjoyed this story and found myself putting myself into the women’s situation and questioning what would I have done? Normal was a quick and easy read for myself which i devoured however, it did not stick with me afterwards like some books do, so i found myself moving onto my next book easily. Normal may not be to everyone’s taste but i honestly enjoyed the story, it is not one of those typical killer, blood and horror books this one is very different! So give it a go.

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