Ghost story · horror · paranormal · thriller

The Drowning Pool – Syd Moore ✶✶✶

the drowning pool

Date Read- 17/01/2016

This book caught my eye just by the cover alone, I am secretly a sucker for a good horror, paranormal or ghost story which this book definitely is! This book had me engaged throughout and was a fast paced, easy read for me personally, it includes many unpredictable twists and turns but has a lot crammed within the plot. I enjoyed this book but thought it was just average, nothing special or exciting, but do not let me put you off as this is my personal review and all readers are very different.

The Drowning Pool is a story about a young widow named Sarah Grey who moves away to start over at Leigh-on-sea but not everything is as it seems within this small town. Sarah finds out that she has the name of a local tale of a ‘sea-witch’ who apparently attacked children and cursed a ship crew at sea, but this is only the beginning of what Sarah will have to face. Sarah starts having strange visions, dreams and finding herself in frightening situations, but that is not all! As the plot thickens delve into the weird and scary world Sarah finds herself stuck in.

I gave this book a fair three stars as it is not a bad book and is well written but I would not highly praise or recommend it to anyone, unless this is a genre you love or an interest of yours. The Drowning Pool is a spooky book to curl up with at night in bed while you figure out the plot for yourself. Enjoy.

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