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The Good Girl – Fiona Neill ✶✶✶✶

the good girl

Date Read – 11/01/2016

The bestselling author Fiona Neill presents a dark, compelling novel full of a family’s darkest secrets and highlights how powerful social media really is. Romy Field appears to be the perfect daughter on the outside, but all is not what it seems deep down. However, Romy makes a drastic mistake which can impact on the rest of her life and future career, will she ever be able to have a normal life? And leave her secret in the past? With new neighbours moving in next door will they help? Are they the cause of the mistake Romy has made? Or will they be the ones causing more trouble? You will have to read it to find out.

I awarded the good girl four stars as I enjoyed the book but I would not say I loved it. This book has had many mixed reviews but mine will be a good one as i could not fault this book or the author, it is a well written book and maintains a very clever plot throughout. The good girl is a thriller and mystery combined and will keep you guessing until all is revealed. This book is quiet a big book with a total of 495 pages but it is a really pleasant book to devour. I would recommend this book even if it has had a lot of mixed reviews as I do not have a bad word to say. However, it was not an easy, fast read for me individually which I do prefer but nevertheless I appreciated the story.

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