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Behind Closed Doors – B.A. Paris ✶✶✶✶✶

behind closed doors

Date Read: 16/02/2016

Behind Closed Doors – WOW, where do I start? If you have not heard or seen anything about this book where have you been hiding? Behind Closed Doors has to be the thriller of the year so far for me. I pre-ordered this book for its release on the 11th of February this year and did not regret it and already have the next book pre-ordered to. I dived straight in and was not seen till I had finished this book! This book can be an emotional read for some readers as it does contain emotional abuse. Behind closed doors is a captivating story of what actually does happen behind closed door for many women around the world, a husband or a partner controlling them both physically and emotionally.

You see couples everyday in the street and you assume they look happy and loved up, but are the really? Or are they just putting on an act, hiding a deep dark secret of being controlled by the ‘perfect’ man.

Now I am not going to give too much away as I do not want to spoil it for you, but there is a MASSIVE twist towards the end of this which makes the reader consume the story quickly to reach it. When I finished this book I was disappointed and delighted, disappointed that I had finished it and would never be able to read it again like I did the first time but also delighted to have had the pleasure of reading this well written story and being gripped throughout. If you want to spoil yourself and buy a book this year, buy this one. Behind closed doors has had many great reviews and recommendations, it makes you think what does happen behind closed doors and would you be able to stop it before anyone gets hurt?

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