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Blood Loss – Alex Barclay ✶✶✶

blood loss review

Date Read: 13/02/2016

I started this before before I realised it was part of a series (Ren Bryce #3). I have many books by Alex Barclay on my bookshelf waiting to be read and hope this has not put me off his others and that they are better. I rated this book a fair three stars as for me personally there was just too much going on throughout the story. I also felt at times there were too many characters to keep up with and kept getting them all muggled up. However, as I always say do not let me put you off this book as this is my personal review. On the other hand, I do think reading this series in order (Duh) many have helped me too understand some of  the characters and how Alex Barclay writes more. I found the story to have dragged personally as it took me quiet a while to finish the book, nevertheless I did not give up as I had to find out what had happened.

In Blood Loss two girls appear to have gone missing from their hotel room (one of them a babysitter) while their parents were having dinner downstairs, noone saw them leave (they claim) so where did they go? Did someone take them? Who would you trust to help you find out? Blood Loss emphasizes how deep family secrets can cause heartbreak, drama and severe consequences. Surely all the secrets will be revealed? Want to find out more have a read, but maybe in the correct series order may help! If you are into crime, thrillers and mystery’s this could be the book for you with many twists and turns to endure throughout the story as well as an unexpected outcome maybe it will hold your attention.

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