chick-lit · fantasy · Magic · mystery · romance · Young adult

A place called here – Cecilia Ahern ✶✶✶✶

a place called here

When one of Sandy’s classmates and neighbour has been missing for twenty years Sandy decides she is going to make it her career to finding missing people and items, what she does find shocks her and will surprise you too. Imagine a place where all the missing people and items are together living happily unable to return to their friends, family and owners, sounds wierd right? But this is what Sandy finds. Will Sandy be able to return home or will she have to stay there forever? And will she find her old classmate? That is for you to decide if you choose to read this book.

A place called here is the first book I have read by Cecilia Ahern and it seemed more like a fairy tale than a story personally. I did enjoy the story as it was easy to read but not a fast paced read as it took me a while to finish. This book is most suited for those readers who enjoy a good chick-lit, fantasy, mystery, romance and a hint of magic rolled into one beautiful story. I awarded this book four stars as it all seemed magical and fairy tale like to me which would suit the young adult genre, or even an advanced book for children to read. However, this book does make you think, where do all those missing items go? (yes, even those odd socks!). If you want an answer to that question let Sandy explain her version of where they go.

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