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Helen Grace Series – M.J Arlidge ✶✶✶✶✶

#1 Eeny Meeny
#2 Pop Goes The Weasel
#3 The Doll’s House
#4 Liar Liar
#5 Little Boy Blue (To be released 10/03/2016)

This is my review of the whole series so far and no doubt the fifth book will not disappoint either. Since the first book I found that I was hooked in the Helen Grace stories like many other readers! I also found that I could easily finish the books in a day if I was not careful, each book really is well written with short chapters and plenty within the story to keep you hooked and sat at the edge of your seat. I personally always had the next book pre-ordered as soon as I had finished the book before and I cannot wait to dive into the fifth book (Little Boy Blue), it feels like I have been waiting forever for it!

This series is perfect for those readers who enjoy a brilliant read full of suspense! The Helen Grace series falls under the genre’s of thriller, mystery, crime and bestsellers, which is perfect for me. Now I will not be giving anything away about this series as I really would urge you to read them and find out about all the hype for yourself, I promise you that you will not be disappointed at all and will be thanking me if you have not read them already.

This series does deserve the five stars I have awarded and more, M.J. Arlidge really has put a lot of hard work and time into these book and it has paid off! I will always highly recommend and praise and these books as I will never forget them for a long time, they will stick with you, so be warned! I cannot wait to dive into Little Boy Blue, I hope it is as gripping as all the previous books. Now if my review has not tempted you to read them just take a look at their gripping covers and if that has not tempted you, then I do not know what will.

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