Adventure · chick-lit

The Only way is up – Carole Matthews ✶✶✶✶

the only way is up

So here is a brief description of this wonderful book… This is the story of Lilly and Laurence who had it all, the perfect jobs, the perfect countryside house, exotic holidays and a top private school for their children. That is until Laurence loses his job and everything else along the way, leaving the family at rock bottom. The family are forced from their extravagant lifestyle to a notoriously rough council estate with no possessions other than a suitcase full of clothes, and not even a bed to sleep on! The family of four will have to adapt to their new lifestyle, but will they ever return to their previous expensive and extravagant lifestyle? Or will their priorities change? With the help of new neighbours, luck and determination will this family find out what truly matters? That is for you to find out.

The only way is up is an uplifting story of riches to rags, where you can easily relate to the characters. This story emphasizes that money cannot buy happiness and how important friends really are. I awarded this book four stars as I was thoroughly immersed by this well written story and parts had me laughing out loud throughout with a perfect ending to finish off with. This book is definitely chick-lit with adventure within for those readers who enjoy these genre’s.

The only way is up like many of Carole Matthews boos has polarised reviews by many of her fans, you either love it don’t. I do agree though that it is a very predictable story but nevertheless I personally enjoyed this book and found it an easy, fast paced book for me to devour.

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