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Daughter – Jane Shemlit ✶✶✶✶✶

daughter review

Jenny is a successful Dr and the mother of three teenagers, but when Jenny’s youngest (Naomi) does not return home after her school play Jenny’s life begins to crumble! The police launch a world wide search for Naomi but with no success it becomes apparent that Naomi has vanished. As the trail goes cold will the family ever give up on Naomi? When Jenny starts searching for answers she is shocked to find out that everyone around her has been lying and keeping valuable secrets from her, even her own daughter Naomi. Jenny finds that she never really knew her daughter at all, but will Naomi return home? Or will she be gone forever?

This is the perfect read for readers who enjoy a great thriller, mystery, crime, drama, contemporary and suspense filled book. Daughter is a cleverly written, intelligent story that is a real page turner alright and personally deserves the five stars I have awarded as it kept me gripped throughout! With plenty of twists and turns for you to endure Daughter is the perfect book to dive into at night in bed. I highly enjoyed this book and finished it in two days it was that good! Daughter is an easy to read, fast paced book that many readers have enjoyed, so if you have not already read this book I suggest you do and with a gorgeous cover like that what could stop you from reading it? Enjoy.

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