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Elizabeth is Missing – Emma Healey ✶✶✶✶✶

elizabeth is missing

Elizabeth is Missing is a sophisticated psychological mystery that is heartbreaking. This is the story of Maud an elderly woman who is descending into dementia, who believes her best friend Elizabeth is missing. Maud embarks on a quest to search for the truth and her best-friend! However, with dementia will anybody believe her or help her? Will she reveal the truth about where Elizabeth is? Elizabeth is Missing is a beautiful story you cannot miss and highlights how powerful friendship really is, no matter what age.

This is the perfect book for those readers who enjoy crime, thriller’s, mystery’s, contemporary and bestsellers! Now, I read this book a while ago but like many stories this is another story I will never forget, and still remember to this day. Elizabeth is Missing deserves the five stars I have awarded as I found it was a fast paced (finished it in two days), easy to read and memorable story I would highly recommend to you all, enter Maud’s story she is a lovely welcoming character who just wants help and answers. It is no wonder that Elizabeth is Missing has won a Costa book award in 2014. The perfect read that is suited with a cup of tea and a cold night! I must say this is the first story I have read that focuses on dementia and it was very eye opening and made me fall in love with Maud. Enjoy.

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