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Games People Play – Owen Mullen ✶✶✶✶✶

games people play

If you are looking for a new author to indulge in I would highly suggest Owen Mullen to get you started! Games People Play is an easy to read, fast paced thrilling page turner that is bound to capture your attention. This book will make you assume you have figured out the plot before all is revealed, but boy was I wrong! Just as you think you know it all, you will doubt yourself and start assuming all over again! I promise you that you will be gripped before the first chapter has even begun, I was! Games People Play is packed full of suspense with many twists and drastic turns throughout for you to endure. I personally raced through the last ten chapters of this book just to find out what the outcome would be and if my assumption was correct. I believe this book does deserve the five stars I have awarded and that Owen Mullen faces an exciting career ahead if he continues writing gripping stories like this. I really did enjoy this story and would recommend you all to read it.

Set in Glasgow private investigator Charlie may just be faced with his toughest case yet when baby Lilly is abducted from a beach in less than ten minutes. With the family hiding deep dark valuable secrets will Lilly ever be found? A body has been found on the moores, but is it baby Lilly? While the trail starts going cold Charlie takes on a second case, but will that take his mind off Lilly? Charlie has experienced the loss of a missing family member himself, that is what makes him so good at his job, but Charlie is having to deal with own issues along the way, will he manage to solve both cases? It becomes apparent there is a serial killer lurking, but while the killer is in control will the game ever be over? You will have to read in order to find out!

This story is perfect for readers who enjoy a great thriller, mystery, crime and suspense filled book. Do not let the cover put you off! Owen Mullen has treated us readers to a sequel of Game People Play called Old Friends and New Enemies which I cannot wait to dive into and review for you. However, I doubt it will disappoint me if it is as good as this book.

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