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The Girl on the Train – Paula Hawkins ✶✶✶✶✶

girl on thetrain.JPG

Paula Hawkins is a name you will not be forgetting any time soon! If you have not heard about this book where have you been? This is another book alongside Gone Girl and The Ice Twins that has had a lot of media coverage and mixed reviews. But I personally really enjoyed this book alongside many other readers. I just hope the rumors are true that they are going to adapt it into a film. This book is guaranteed to have you gripped before the end of the first chapter. The Girl on the Train is a fast paced, easy to read thriller that is an international bestseller. If this book does not impress you I do not know what will! This book well deserves the five stars I have awarded and more, it is one of those books that you will not forget in a hurry!

This is the perfect book for all of you to indulge in, especially if you enjoy thriller’s, mystery’s, suspense, crime, bestsellers and would make an excellent read to discuss if you are part of a book club! The Girl on the Train is a must read psychological thriller inviting you to join Rachel’s story. Rachel catches the same train each morning and travels the same route twice daily, she see’s the same people and houses and each day, surely Rachel would not miss anything unusual happening? When Rachel see’s a shocking event whilst on the train she knows her life will never be the same again! As Rachel struggles to keep the event to herself she finds herself going to the police, but should Rachel have ever got involved? Or has she made a situation worse? This is a compelling, absorbing read which I would urge you to get involved in and see what all the hype is about!

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