chick-lit · Comedy · contemporary

The woman who went to bed for a year – Sue Townsend ✶✶✶

the woman who went to bed for a year

This is the story of Eva who decided she needed a year in bed, as soon as her twins left home that is exactly what she did! Brian her husband thinks Eva is doing this for attention, but when word spreads that Eva has taken to her bed she finds a fan base and reporters swamping her street and front garden, waiting to meet her! If you want to find out more or answers to why Eva has taken to her bed, then I suggest you read it in order to find out for yourself.

I rated this book three stars as it wasn’t an outstanding read for myself but nevertheless one I did enjoy. Parts of this book had me giggling away and part I found dragged in between. This is the first book I have read by Sue Townsend and I have not been put off reading more by her, I just hope her other books grip me more than this one did. However, if you are a fan of comedy, chick-lit and contemporary then this could be the book for you, although I do love a bit of chick-lit now and again it is not one of my most loved genre’s. The woman who went to bed for a year has had many reviews by Sue’s readers and I will happily stay in the middle, it was not a bad read but it did not wow me away either. If you have already read this book let me know what you thought of it below..

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