chick-lit · Comedy · contemporary · romance

The Undomestic Goddess – Sophie Kinsella ✶✶✶✶✶

domestic goddess review

Workaholic Samantha has just made a huge mistake, she walks out of her office and catches the next train to the middle of nowhere. Samantha finds herself mistaken as an interviewee and gets offered a job of becoming a housekeeper. Her new employers have no idea that Samantha is in fact a lawyer who cannot do the simplest of house chores. Will Samantha ever return to her old life? Or is she happier where she is now? You will have to read it in order to find out what Samantha gets up to and what decision she will finally make.

I am a massive fan of Sophie Kinsella but this book has stuck with me for years! I can still remember giggling away at this story long ago, I loved it and really did enjoy it. The Undomestic Goddess deserves the five stars I have awarded as it is a beautifully written, absorbing story. I did not find this book an easy or fast paced story, but that did not matter with this book as I savored every page until the end! This is the perfect book for readers who enjoy chick-lit, romance, comedy and contemporary. I cannot wait to read more stories by Sophie Kinsella in the future and review them for you! Enjoy and giggle away.

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