Christmas · contemporary · romance · Short Stories · Young adult

Let it Snow – John Green, Maureen Johnson & Lauren Myrade ✶✶✶✶

let it snow

This book is perfect for readers who enjoy short stories, romance, Christmas, contemporary and young adult genre’s. I decided to read this book because of John Green, I have read all of his book so far but this one was different! This book contains three short Christmas stories (one by each author) that are easy to read and can easily be finished within a day! I rated this book four stars as I finished it in a day and found it too easy to read for me personally, more suited as a children’s book. These stories did not stick with me either like some books do. But I still read it nevertheless because of John Green, all of the stories do connect throughout and would make an average quick Christmas read for you all.

Story #1 is the story of the Jubilee express.
Story #2 is a heart-warming story of a Christmas miracle.
Story #3 is the story of the patron saint of pigs.

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