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The Fault in our Stars – John Green ✶✶✶✶✶

fault in our stars

The Fault in our Stars is an international bestseller by an award winning author John Green. This is John Green’s most loved and heartbreaking story yet which will be hard to beat! If you have not heard about The Fault in our Stars, where have you been hiding? Age does not matter with this five star beautifully written, heart warming, must read story! Do not wait to read this book, bump it up your pile or BUY IT NOW! I will forever praise and highly recommend this book to you all.

I could not put this book down until I had finished it (I was in another world while reading this book). As most of you will know this story has been adapted into a film and if you are a book worm like me, the book has to be read first! I cannot compare this book to the film as I have STILL not managed to watch the film yet! This is the perfect book for you all but specifically for those who enjoy the young adult, drama, death, romance and contemporary genre’s. This has to be on of my favourite books ever by John Green which led me to reading all his other books, I did find The Fault in our Stars a very emotional read so be warned!

This is Hazel’s story, Hazel has terminal cancer and will not expect what is about to happen… When Augustus walks into her life Hazel’s story will be completely re-written. Will they fall in love? Will Augustus show Hazel how beautiful life really is? That is for you to find out not if, but WHEN you read this outstanding story, trust me it will not let you down and will stick in your heart and mind forever! Enjoy, try not to cry!

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