crime · mystery · suspense · thriller

The Crooked House – Christobel Kent ✶✶✶✶✶

the crooked house

Alison has no ties, no home, a low-key job and lives her life under the radar just the way she likes it. But back when she was a teenager she was known as Esme Grace! One night when Esme was in her room at home a terrible thing happened within The Crooked House, a nightmare of violence and deaths. Alison was the only survivor left and witnessed everything that had happened and she has been hiding and running ever since that night! When Paul enters Alison’s life he makes her realise that if she ever wants a happy life then she will have to return to her former life and confront the darkness! This is the perfect read for those who enjoy a great thriller, mystery, crime, suspense and death filled story!

This book is a real page turner, very addictive and beautifully written! Christobel Kent has written a very clever plot with many twists and turns to hold your attention until the end. I really enjoyed and devoured this story, it is a fast paced, easy to read gripping story to sink you teeth into! I awarded The Crooked House five stars as it is a book that you will not forget! I had seen and heard a lot of good reviews and recommendations about this book So I had to investigate for myself, and it did not disappoint me. If this sounds like your type of book I would highly recommend that you dive in! Now!

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