contemporary · mystery · romance · suspense · thriller

You – Caroline Kepnes ✶✶✶✶✶

you caroline kepnes

When Guinevere Beck walks into Joe Goldberg’s bookstore her life will never be the same again! Joe googles the name on her bank card and finds her Facebook and Twitter accounts, telling Joe everything he needs to know about her. Where she works, where she lives, what she is doing tonight etc… Joe starts to invisibly and obsessively take control of Guinevere’s life in order to have her all to himself. Joe moves from stalker to boyfriend and makes himself into the perfect man for Guinevere and will not let anything in his way even if he does have to kill.

This is the perfect story for those who enjoy mystery’s, thriller’s, romance, suspense and contemporary. You highlights how easily a stranger can know everything about you through one click! It is a scary book that makes you realize that this can happen to you and it does happen to many people daily all over the world. You has had many mixed reviews by readers and it seems it is another one of those books you either love or hate and I loved it! You is an easy to read, fast paced thriller that you will not forget in a hurry and will keep you hooked. I would highly recommend this book to you all and it easily deserves the five stars from me. So what are you waiting for? Get stuck into Guinevere’s story, you will be surprised by what Joe actually does to get his girl and keep her.

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