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Big Little Lies – Liane Moriarty ✶✶✶✶✶

big little lies

Big Little Lies is a story about three different women who are each at a crossroad in their lives! Madeline (#1) remembers everything and forgives noone, when her ex husband and his new wife move into her community Madeline realizes her daughter will be in the same class as her ex husbands other daughter, and to top it all off Madeline’s daughter seems more interested in her dads and his new wife’s life than her mums. Celeste (#2) is a beautiful women and her twin boys will also be starting school, but Celeste has her eyes set on becoming the queen of the school parent body, but that comes at a price and not easily! Jane (#3) is a young single mother new to the town but is harboring secret doubts about her son. Madeline and Celeste take Jane under their wing, but none of them expected that Jane’s arrival will affect them all individually. If you want to find out what happens I would highly recommend you read this to find out for yourself, if you have not already!

I awarded five stars to this book as Liane Moriarty has done it again! She has written another outstanding story for all us readers to indulge in. This is the perfect book for those who enjoy contemporary, chick-lit, mystery and would make an excellent read to discuss if you are part of a book club. I really did enjoy this story, it is an easy to read, fast paced page turner perfect for everyone. I must admit this story did not stick with me afterwards but I devoured it and loved it nevertheless. Get stuck into this chick-lit, drama filled book and forget your own life for a while. Enjoy.

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