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Cold As Ice – Lee Weeks ✶✶✶✶

cold as ice

On a cold winter’s day a body of a young women is pulled out of an icy canal in London. D.I Dan Carter see’s it as an accident not a murder, but D.C Ebony Willis is not so sure! Meanwhile Tracy Collins receives an unsuspecting phone call from her daughter who she put up for adoption twenty years ago. Tracy decides to kindle a relationship with her daughter and grandson. But when her daughter goes missing Tracy is plunged into her own nightmare. With the discovery of a new body being found it becomes obvious that Tracy’s daughter could be in deep trouble! D.C. Ebony Willis takes on her toughest case yet and decides to play the role of the killer’s next victim. But will Ebony survive what is about to come her way? Will she find out who the killer is? I would highly recommend you dive into this amazing, page turner thriller.

This is the first book I have read by Lee Weeks and it was the cover that caught my eye! I have a few of his other books on my shelves and those that I don’t are on my wishlist! Cold as ice is a gripping, easy to read and fast paced book for you all to enjoy. I personally raced through the last ten chapters as I had to know the outcome and fast! Yes, I was hooked! This is the perfect book for those who enjoy a great crime and thriller and I would highly recommend it to you all! I cannot wait to dive into more of his books and review them for you all.

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