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A Winter Flame – Milly Johnson ✶✶✶✶✶

a winter flame

Eve has never liked Christmas, not since her fiance was killed in action on Christmas day. But when Eve’s aunty passes away the last thing Eve expects to be left with is a winter theme park! But her aunty had more plans than that, Eve has to run the theme park with a mysterious partner named Jacques Glace. Will this make Eve love Christmas again? Or hate it even more? Then there is the question of who is this Jacques? Will they fight over the theme park or fall in love? I recommend you read it to find out for yourself!

I really loved this story I read it last Christmas and it is one I will not forget (note the five stars). It is the perfect Christmas story to get you into the Christmas spirit! You will find as well if you have read any of Milly’s other stories that you will know a few characters already! A Winter Flame is easy to read and with a beautifully written story you will finish it in no time! This is the perfect story for readers who enjoy Christmas, chick-lit, romance and contemporary genre’s rolled into one excellent story! Warning: This may make you want to own your own winter theme park, I know I did! Enjoy.

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