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Christmas Magic – Nora Roberts ✶✶✶✶

christmas magic

This book is two short stories in one.

#1 All I Want For Christmas:
All the identical twins Zeke and Zach want for Christmas is a new mother! But when Zeke and Zach try convincing their dad that their new music teacher Miss Davies is sent by Santa for them, it seems their plan was not as easy as that. Will Zeke and Zach get a new mother in time for Christmas?

#2 This Magic Moment:
Ryan Swan vowed never to trust another male again! That is until she meets master of illusions Pierce Atkins, he would be the last person she would give her heart too. Pierce plans to perform a death-defying stunt he may not even survive, so why is it that when Ryan is with Pierce all her worries and fears vanish? Will love blossom for this unexpected pair?

Nora Roberts is a big author and most readers will have heard about her however, this is the first book I have read by her (shocking! I know). I rated this book four stars as I enjoyed the first story more than the second and to be honest I am not a great fan of short stories! Other than that I really enjoyed the book and will be looking into more books by Nora Roberts. I found that this book is another that does not specifically focus on Christmas and was very easy to read. This is the ideal read for readers who enjoy Christmas, chick-lit and short stories. Enjoy.

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