chick-lit · Christmas · contemporary · romance

Twelve Days of Christmas – Trisha Ashley ✶✶✶✶

twelve days of christmas

Christmas has always been a tough time for widow Holly Brown. But when Holly is asked to look after a house on the Lancashire moores she cannot resist the opportunity to hide away there. Jude Martland is determined to avoid Christmas this year also seen as his brother ran off with his fiance. But Jude knows he will have to return in order to be a part of Little Mummings historic festivities. Meanwhile Holly realises if she wanted to avoid Christmas she has come to the wrong place! When Jude returns Christmas Eve he is far from pleased to find Holly hosting a family party he tried to avoid. When an unexpected blizzard arrives there is no escape for anyone, it seems Holly and Jude got what they tried to avoid all along! It is going to be a very interesting Christmas in this story…

This is the perfect story for readers who enjoy a good Christmas, chick-lit, romance and contemporary story all in one. This is the first book I have read by Trisha Ashley and I have plenty more by her waiting to be read on my bookshelves. I really enjoyed this story and parts had me giggling away! This is another story I read last Christmas and can still remember it all. I awarded this book four stars as it was not an outstanding read for me personally but one I enjoyed. I cannot wait to see what Trisha has in store in the future books I read by her. Enjoy.

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