crime · mystery · suspense · thriller

Vanished – Tim Weaver ✶✶✶✶


An hour after leaving home Sam Wren gets on a tube train and never gets off again, no witnesses and no traces of him. Six months later Sam is still missing, out of options Sam’s wife Julia hires a private investigator David Rake to find him. This could be David’s toughest case yet, as David suspects the police are lying to him and valuable secrets are being held back David is more determined than ever to find Sam… Someone knows what happened to Sam that day and David is going to find out who.

This is the perfect story for readers who enjoy crime, thriller, mystery and suspense genre’s. I awarded Vanished four stars as I found it a long read (486 pages) and not easy to read but well worth it! I started reading this book yet again without knowing it was part of a series (which I will be reading), either way I still enjoyed it as a stand alone story. I have many other books by Tim Weaver waiting to be read on my bookshelves and after reading this I know he will not disappoint me. This book will keep you hooked and the story is very cleverly written. If you think this is your type of book, dive in! Enjoy.

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