chick-lit · Christmas · contemporary · romance

With Love At Christmas – Carole Matthews ✶✶✶✶✶

with love at christmas

Can the imperfect family really have the perfect Christmas? Juliet Joyce adores everything about Christmas and already has that festive feeling! But coming up to Christmas things are about to get out of hand. Her son Tom has lost his job and is bringing a new partner home every night, her daughter Chloe is pregnant and she and her son have moved back in. Juliet’s father Frank is getting over a heartbreak of his own, Juilet’s mother is behaving more erratically each day and Juliet is worrying that all this is too much for her husband Rick. With Christmas day getting closer Juliet aims to get everything under control for the big day and make it the perfect family Christmas again! But will Juliet succeed or not?

This is the perfect story for readers who enjoy Christmas, chick-lit, romance and contemporary genre’s but I would highly recommend it to you all. I read this last Christmas and this had to be the best Christmas book I read last year! If you have seen or read a few of my reviews you will already know that Carole Matthews is one of my favourite authors and she has never let me down yet. With Love At Christmas is an easy to read, fast paced beautifully written story of a typical family Christmas. I fell in love with this story and the characters, parts had me giggling away to myself. A superb read. Enjoy.

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