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The Grownup – Gillian Flynn ✶✶✶

the grownup review

From the bestselling author of Gone Girl Gillian Flynn presents her next short story… A young woman is making a decent wage by faking it as a psychic with some illegal sex work on the side, she tells people what they want to hear that is until Susan Burke comes along. Susan moved to the area one year ago with her husband and stepson Miles, and they moved into a Victorian house called Canterhook Manor. Susan has become convinced that some spirit is haunting their home and family. When the young woman enters Susan’s house for the first time she can feel it too, watching her, waiting, biding it’s time…

Now, I absolutely loved Gone Girl so I thought I would read all her other books too. First I was shocked at how thin the book was and how short the story is (67 pages). This has to be the shortest story I have ever read and I was disappointed (note the three stars). When I started reading this I thought it was really wierd but then the story kicked in which was a good story, but then it was over! It took me just forty minutes to read it all! It is extremely easy to read and fast paced but I feel this could have been made into a really gripping story if Gillian had written more instead of stopping short. However, I will still continue to read her other books I just hope they are better than this. This is the ideal story for readers who enjoy horror, mystery, thriller, suspense and short story genre’s. Enjoy.

One thought on “The Grownup – Gillian Flynn ✶✶✶

  1. I loved this book!
    The prefect travel read!
    You start reading at departure and finish it up moments before arrival! short, thrilling and definitely not simple( Gillian always makes up incredible things!)


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