chick-lit · contemporary · Young adult

Time To Say Goodbye – S.D. Robertson ✶✶✶✶✶


How do you leave the person you love the most? Will’s six year old daughter Ella knows her father will never leave her as he promised her after her mother died. Will does not know that his promise he made might be harder to keep than he first thought, when he is forced with an impossible decision! But the future is full of unexpected surprises, Will and Ella are about to embark on an unforgettable journey together…

This is a heart-rending story about a father’s love for his daughter, this is the perfect story for fans of John Green and JoJo Moyes. I awarded this book five stars as it was easy to read, fast paced and a beautiful story! I must warn you when I started reading this book I found it very emotional to read, but then one certain part made me laugh and I was immersed throughout! It is a very different story, it does involve deaths, spirits and the afterlife which some readers may not enjoy or find hard to read due to personal circumstances. I would recommend it to you all if you think this is your kind of story. This is the perfect story for readers who enjoy young adult, contemporary and chick-lit. Prepare to fall in love with little Ella I did, the poor little girl </3 Enjoy.

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