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Sharp Objects – Gillian Flynn ✶✶✶✶

sharp objects

From the bestselling author of Gone Girl Gillian Flynn presents sharp objects… Camille Preaker is a reporter in Chicago and has been sent to investigate the disappearance of two little girls within her hometown (Wind Gap). Camille finds herself back at home with her distant mother and thirteen year old half sister Amma who she barely knows, this family is still haunted by a family tragedy of their own. While investigating this new horror clues begin to turn into dead ends and Camille realises that she will have to unravel the tragedy of the past if she is to survive this homecoming…

I awarded Sharp Objects four stars as it is a gripping page turner to devour, but for me personally it was not as good as Gone Girl. I did enjoy this story but found the ending the best part where everything is revealed and very unexpected! However, this book did keep me guessing throughout and parts I found disturbing. This has to be the second best book Gillian has written so far (I haven’t had chance to read Dark Places yet). It is a fast paced, easy to read and well written clever thriller to enjoy. This is the perfect story for readers who enjoy mystery, thriller, crime, suspense, horror and contemporary. Do you want to find out what happened to those two innocent little girls? Dive in to find out! Enjoy.

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