contemporary · mystery · Young adult

All My Secrets – Sophie McKenzie ✶✶✶✶✶


When Evie finds out she is entitled to a large sum of inheritance, her whole world turns upside down while she finds out the shocking truth about it all. As her family lied to her Evie finds herself at Lightsea an institute for troubled teens where she meets the gorgeous Kit. Rumour has it that Lightsea is haunted and Evie believes that a strange presence is following her. As Evie is drawn into the islands mysteries and realises that it is not just the past, or the dead that she has to fear but who she trusts as well.

Sophie McKenzie is fast becoming one of my favourite authors. I awarded this book five stars as I was hooked from the first chapter and really enjoyed it! It is easy to read and very fast paced. I found myself racing through the last part of the book and there are a few twists and turns for the reader to endure too. It is a well written and clever story that I would recommend to you all. This is the perfect story for readers who enjoy mystery, young adult and contemporary. Enjoy, I loved it!

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