fantasy · romance · Young adult

Shadows of Jane – Amy Hale ✶✶✶

shadows of jane

Colt Henderson lives for the moment but his past has taught him that life is often disappointing, he believes that love only exists in fairy tales that is until he meets this girl… She’s lost, scared and does not remember anything about her past or identity. Without her memory how will she know what to fear and who to trust? She decides to name herself Jane and aims to piece her life back together. In the process she learns she has unique abilities that people would kill for. Fate throws Colt and Jane together, with Colt’s determination and Jane’s gifts they embark on a journey they never expected.
Thanks to Netgalley I got the chance to read this book, Shadows of Jane is the first in a trilogy and would make the ideal read for readers who enjoy romance, fantasy and young adult genre’s. I feel a bit mean writing this review but I am going to be honest. I awarded this story three stars as I really didn’t get into it of find myself gripped UNTIL I reached page 80 onward (the full story is only 166 pages). I also thought it would be a quick read but I found it dragged and very slow until page 80, but maybe this is just not my kind of book I’m not sure. It was the cover that caught my eye! Please do not let my review put you off as it does pick up towards the end! It has not put me off reading the rest of the series though as I am still curious. Enjoy.

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