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Old Friends and New Enemies – Owen Mullen ✶✶✶✶✶

old friends and new enemies

The body on the mortuary slab wasn’t who Charlie Cameron was looking for, but he knew who it was. Ian Selkirk had been stabbed through the heart and dumped in the loch. Suddenly, Charlie accepts his next missing persons case which becomes a fight for survival as Charlie faces a notorious Glasgow gangster, Jimmy Rafferty. Jimmy always gets what he wants, even his own family are terrified by him. Only problem is Charlie doesn’t know what Jimmy wants or where it is.

This story follows on from Games People Play  which you should read first and includes the same characters from the story, making two brilliant stories! Owen has produced another outstanding story here which I would recommend you all read. I awarded it five stars as yet again I devoured it and loved it. This story is easy to read, fast paced and brilliantly written. Readers will have to prepare themselves for plenty of twists, turns and suspense filled chapters throughout especially towards the end! I didn’t figure out the plot either until all was revealed and I was shocked I raced through the story towards the end. Yes, once again I left my world and entered Charlies. I even had to sneak upstairs to keep reading a few times! I really hope Owen writes more stories like these as I really enjoyed them and was gripped throughout both. Owen Mullen is a new upcoming author to watch! This is the perfect story for readers who enjoy a brilliant page turner, thriller, mystery, crime and suspense filled story.
Enjoy. I did!

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