crime · thriller

The Shadow Run – Desmond Lowden ✶✶✶

the shadow run.jpg

In the sleepy Cathedral town of Whycliffe nothing much ever happens. Life at the private boys prep school that eleven year old Joffrey attends seems uneventful, until one day on the street outside Joffrey sees blood running from the back of a white van. Joffrey has few friends and is known as a notorious liar so everyone knows better than to believe his tale… But what if he is right? Unknown to Joffrey the criminal underworld is hatching a plot to steal money printing paper on its way to the bank of England, in the centre of Whycliffe. Joffrey is about to find himself alone and caught up in the dangerous conspiracy.

I awarded this story three stars as it took me a while to get into and it did not have me hooked. I personally think the story could have been longer as I found it just stopped suddenly. It is not an outstanding read but one I managed to finish easily. It does have short chapters and is easy to read but to me it felt like a very rushed and put together quickly story that could have been great with more time. Thanks to Netgalley for letting me read this story but it just did not wow me away I am afraid. The Shadow Run falls into the crime and thriller genre’s if you are interested and want to take a look for yourself!

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