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The Missing Hours – Emma Kavanagh ✶✶✶✶✶

the missing hours

Selena Cole disappears…
One minute she is in the playground with her two children and the next she has vanished…
Selena Cole returns…
Twenty hours later, Selena is found safe but with no memory of where she has been. What took place in those twenty missing hours? Is Selena involved and linked to a nearby murder of solicitor Dominic Newell? You will have to read it in order to find out for yourself…

Thanks to Netgalley I got the chance to read this great story! I have found another new author to indulge in, Emma Kavanagh. I awarded this story five stars as I really enjoyed it, it was easy to read, contained short chapters, was cleverly written and finally it was very addictive! However, this story made me realise that I would make a very rubbish detective as I could not work the plot/case out at all, even when it was all revealed I was shocked and would never have guessed the outcome/suspect. I cannot wait to read more by Emma if they are as good as this! This is the perfect story for readers who enjoy a great suspense, mystery, thriller and contemporary! You will be hooked from the first chapter, I was. Enjoy!

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