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After She Fell – Mary-Jane Riley ✶✶✶✶✶

after she fell

There are so many ways to fall…
Catriona needs help. Her seventeen year old daughter Elena was found dead at the bottom of a cliff near her boarding school. Elena’s death has been ruled as a suicide but her mother is not convinced! When her old friend Alex Devlin a journalist arrives to investigate further, she quickly finds that life at the boarding school is not as idyllic as it all seems. Amidst a culture of drugs, bullying and tension noone is quiet who they seem to be!

This is a must read for readers who enjoy a great thriller/mystery.Will you be able to solve this mystery? (I didn’t). I must thank Netgalley again for letting me read this thrilling story, I was hooked! I did not expect the dark or quick ending at all which kept me reading to reach it! I also did not expect anything that happened throughout! I would highly recommend this story to you all, it is well written, easy to read and has short chapters which I really enjoyed. I have found another new author to devour YAY! After She Fell has only just been released so grab your copy quick! This is the perfect story for readers who enjoy a brilliant thriller, mystery, crime, suspense and contemporary story. Enjoy, I did. I was hooked!

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