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Fire Ice (Max and Carla series #2) – John Day ✶✶✶✶✶

fire ice

Fire Ice is the second story with Max and Carla, you will need to read Extinction Event first! In this story Carla is in Afghanistan trying to rescue an important woman engineer, and has to get into the prison and then find a way to get the woman out…
When two ships vanish in the Bermuda Triangle could they be linked to the global energy demand? Can the submarine US1 prevent global warming reaching thermal runaway? A terrorist attack leaves the ship sinking, will Max and Carla be able to keep it afloat and out of underlying danger?
Then when Max and Carla are asked for a favour they find out more than they bargained for:
– A clever criminal
– A blackmailer
– Murder and terrorist threats/plans towards the London Olympics…
Will Max and Carla ever have a break? I doubt it.

WOW! John Day has produced another excellent thriller full of suspense, action, crime and adventure. I awarded Fire Ice five stars as I really enjoyed it, it was easy to read and yet again I found myself drawn into Max and Carla’s world. You may remember not long ago I reviewed John’s first book (Extinction Event), which was also brilliant and I am currently making my way through all of John’s book, so expect more reviews! If you are looking for a new author to indulge in I would highly recommend this series so far. Fire Ice is very fast paced and ended on a massive cliffhanger (dun, dun, dun)… So I cannot wait to dive into his third story straight away and see what lies ahead for Max and Carla. If you judge a book by it’s cover, DON’T! This is a series you do not want to miss and will make John Day a bestseller in no time.
Enjoy, enter Max and Carla’s world! I dare you.

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