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Fugitive (Max and Carla #3) – John Day ✶✶✶✶✶


The final chapter for Max and Carla!
Carla has been kidnapped and Max awakes in hospital with amnesia, branded a murderer and terrorist. Helped by a NEW psychotic girlfriend (Star), Max goes on the run and steals money from drug gangs and arranges new identities as they seek refuge abroad. All the while Carla breaks free and heads on to solve more missions on her own, while she tries to trace Max and Star to a pacific atoll.
It is all a case of wrong place, wrong time as all involved stumble upon a secret that is too dreadful to be exposed, but a love triangle already threatens to do just that!
Is this the end for the Max and Carla duo?
Has Carla been replaced and forgotten?
You will have to read it yourself, in order to find out!

John Day’s stories just keep getting BETTER AND BETTER!
But I must say I am sad to have finished this amazing series which had me hooked from the start. I awarded Fugitive five stars as it was the perfect ending to a great series, I enjoyed. It is also well written, easy to read and VERY fast paced! Fugitive is another action, crime, spy thriller and adventure packed story that I would highly recommend to you all! I will say this again as I have always said, do not judge a book by its cover as you will miss out on fabulous stories like this series! The series does need to be read in order, but it is one you will not forget easily and one for your wishlist! If you are looking for a new author or series to indulge in I would highly recommend John Day!
Enjoy I did.

Series Order:
#1 Extinction Event
#2 Fire Ice
#3 Fugitive.

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