fantasy · mystery · suspense

Relatively Strange – Marilyn Messik ✶✶✶✶✶

relatively strange

Growing up has its difficulties for everyone and it is tricky to know whats normal if you’re not! Stella, certainly has no hesitation filing herself in the unusual drawer, but its only when she discovers she is not unique that, what up until now has merely cause some extraordinary blips in an ordinary life, acquires a whole new dimension. Forced to haul in resources she didn’t know she possessed, she is thrust into the violence of a situation for which nothing could have prepared her, face to face with the stark reality of medical experimentation and its horrifying consequences.
In a world of uncertainties though, one thing is beyond doubt… This hero stuff just isn’t her. Normal, or as near as damn it, is what she is after and if that means smothering her instincts, building her shielding and adjusting her expectations well, so be it. At least she will know, should she slip off the wagon occasionally it will be through her own choice, not chance and to suit herself.

I awarded Relatively Strange five stars as I really enjoyed reading it and it was exactly what the title suggests RELATIVELY STRANGE! I dived into a whole new world while reading this story and would highly recommend it to you all, especially if you enjoy a great mystery, fantasy and suspense story! I WAS HOOKED! This story is well written, easy to read, gripping, addictive and will make you keep reading to the end. I cannot wait to dive into the follow on (Even stranger, review to follow later). It was one of those books I didn’t want to finish but had to finish at the same time! If you want to treat yourself to one book, this should be it or put it on your wishlist! I’m not giving any spoilers or much away about this story as I want YOU (the readers) to find out about it for yourself, you will not be disappointed I wasn’t. Finally, I would like to thank Marilyn for letting me review her story in exchange for the book… I cannot wait to get started with the second story.
Enjoy, I did!

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