drama · fantasy · mystery

Even Stranger – Marilyn Messik ✶✶✶✶✶

even stranger

I thought I’d knocked him out, but in a flash he’d turned over on to all fours and was crawling swiftly, spider-like, back towards us. He still held the knife and I knew what he wanted to do with it. I set fire to the handle. The wood flamed and he hissed in pain, but didn’t let go. It was all turning rather awkward.
With the swinging sixties staggering, somewhat shamefaced and flustered, into the slightly staider seventies life for Stella. Isn’t always as smooth as she’d like. As an ordinary person, who just happens to be able to do some extraordinary things, it’s not she can’t handle sticky situations, of course she can, she just doesn’t want to. Going forward, she’s determined to stick to normal and steer clear of anything remotely risky.

This is the brilliant follow up to Relatively Strange which must be read first!
Marilyn has done it again, I really did enjoy this follow up.. It is set out perfectly, well written, contains short chapters and has a beautiful ending which is why I awarded five stars. I would highly recommend these two stories to you all especially if you enjoy mystery’s, fantasy and drama! I won’t forget these stories for a long time and they are definitely STRANGE… I was hooked yet again throughout and enjoyed every minute of reading both these stories. A big thanks to Marilyn for letting me review her stories, it’s been a pleasure.
Enjoy, bookworms! I loved them.

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