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The Loney – Andrew Hurley ✶✶✶✶✶

the loney

If it had another name, I never knew, but the locals called it the Loney – that strange nowhere between the Wyre and the Lune where Hanny and I went every Easter time with Mummer, Farther, Mr and Mrs Belderboss and Father Wilfred, the parish priest. It was impossible to truly know the place. It changed with each influx and retreat, and the neap tides would reveal the skeletons of those who thought they could escape its insidious currents. No one ever went near the water. No one apart from us, that is. I suppose I always knew that what happened there wouldn’t stay hidden for ever, no matter how much I wanted it to. No matter how hard I tried to forget..

I got to pick book of the month in one of my many book clubs I’m a member of and I chose to read this one. It was nothing like I expected it to be but nevertheless a brilliant story which I devoured. I didn’t expect the subject of religion throughout but it did not put me off! It wasn’t a scary book or thrilling to me personally but a story I enjoyed and will not forget any time soon. Which is why I awarded this story five stars. The Loney is a one of a kind book which I cannot describe. I would highly recommend it to you all if you haven’t read it already… I really felt for all the characters especially the two boys who both had too much expected of them. The Loney is somewhere I wouldn’t like to go! I must admit I was a bit confused at the ending but I re read it and understood it (I think). I don’t want to give anything away! This is the perfect book for readers who enjoy a brilliant bestseller, mystery, thriller, suspense, contemporary and religion filled story with a TWIST. It’s no wonder The Loney won a Costa book award in 2015. A very weird, one of a kind story which surprised me. Loved it. Enjoy.


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