action · drama · fantasy

Azazel – D.P. Tighe ✶✶✶✶


A troubled teen with an unhealthy obsession with guns and acts of vigilantism grows up within the murder capital of the world Honduras. With no family or friends the boy only has a name to tie him to the mother who supposedly sold him at birth. Named after a demon, Azazel, he steals, lies and kills to survive. City overrun with gangs, drug dealers, human traffickers and corrupt armed forces Azazel makes it his personal mission to rid the streets of what he deems as filth. Hunting down a well-known drug lord Azazel finds himself riddled with bullets and bleeding out onto the street. He was dying. In fact he did die, the only issue was is that he was staring down at his bullet riddled corpse.

Thanks to the author for letting me read and review his short story (55 Pages). This isn’t my usual kind of book I would normally read! At first I found it a bit wierd and fast paced but then it got better and I started to enjoy it. I must warn you there is A LOT of swearing and violence in this story especially at the beginning. I personally found a few parts throughout very dark. I managed to read this story in just over an hour… It is a very one of kind story that would be perfect for readers who enjoy fantasy, action, weird, killing, violence and drugs sort of stories, ideally men. I found the ending just stopped and it could have been made much more interesting to have found out what would have happened after. However, I did enjoy it even though at first I was a bit unsure… Very wierd!! It is written well with short chapters. I will be reading more by this author as I’m intrigued! I awarded four stars because I was shocked at first with all the bad language and especially some of the darker bits. But as a relatively new author it is not a bad short story at all! What to read something really wierd? Give this a try!!

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