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The Chocolate Lovers Diet – Carole Matthews. ✶✶✶✶✶

the chocolate lovers diet

The feisty members of The Chocolate Lovers Club are back in a mouth-wateringly delicious new novel. Lucy Lombard thought her ‘Happily Ever After’ was all sewn up when her gorgeous boss Aidan declared his love for her, but she’s just caught him in bed with another woman. As always, she’s not the only one with problems – Autumn’s new boyfriend has yet to meet her parents, Nadia’s husband swears he’s given up gambling but she just can’t trust him, and Chantal is hoping to save her marriage, but not in quite the way she’d expected. It’s not surprising that these girls are going to need a lot of chocolate to see them through the challenges that lie ahead…
You know when you find an author who you can always go back to and they never let you down? Well that author for me is Carole Matthews. I will read all her stories at some point. I read the first book in this series ( The Chocolate Lovers Club) a while ago and got straight back into this one with the familiar characters, drama, lies, loss and love. This is the perfect chick-lit book to escape with and perfect for readers who enjoy chocolate too (like me)… So I blame these books for eating MORE chocolate as it’s just a must. I cannot wait to continue on with this series and see what lies ahead for the girls. Another brilliantly written story which I lost myself in and devoured. Would highly recommend this story to you and the series so far. However, you will need to read them in order. I’ll be sad when this series is over. I must visit the chocolate heaven shop. Enjoy, I did.

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