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Harrowing – S.E. Amadis ✶✶✶✶


When Annasuya Rose is raped by her boss, she thinks it’s the most terrible thing that could possibly happen to her… She has no idea that her nightmare is only just beginning.
When nobody but her boyfriend, Calvin, believes her version of events against the suave and sophisticated businessman, she turns to social media to prevent the same thing happening to somebody else. But now someone is stalking her in the dark, menacing her with threatening messages and creepy phone calls, breaking into her house late at night. A sadistic killer who exults in killing and mutilating… or worse.

A sadistic killer who will stop at nothing to get her. When Annasuya’s ten-year-old son disappears, she realizes she must follow the killer down a terrifying and evil path to save her beloved son. A path which leads to danger. Torture. Agony. Even death.
And the most terrible, heart-wrenching choice a mother could face.

“Your grandparents survived the horror of hell because they never forgot their humanity,” he declaimed in a monotone. “They followed their hearts, always. They defended their friends and loved ones, even when they knew it could mean a bullet to the brain – or worse. They realized that to do otherwise – to go against their conscience and do what they knew was wrong just to save their own hides – was something worse than death. Something they could never live with.”
Sergei fixed me with his unearthly stare once again.
“What is it that you could never live with, Annasuya Rose? What would be worse than death for you?”

Thanks to the author for letting me review her story and TBC. I must be honest and say that at first I wasn’t enjoying it due to personal reasons, but as I continued it got better and I was hooked after the first part which I found hard to read. This is a VERY dark story something close to SAW (the film). It is easy to read and I found after the start I raced through it. The main character is a very unlucky woman and faces the worst fate I could ever imagine. Brilliantly written with a great horror plot throughout. This story will hold your attention throughout. I must also mention with the young boy involved it made the whole situation worse throughout the book, I kept thinking poor little boy but he’s a strong, determined boy. I would recommend this book to you all but with the warning it is a dark story and contains rape, which some readers may find hard to read or cannot read.

This is the ideal story for readers who enjoy a brilliant horror, suspense, thriller and mystery rolled into one spooky plot. Be thankful its not you in this story and that its fiction. Now breathe. I need a lighter read after this one. Enjoy.


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  1. Thank you so so much for posting your review on your blog, Gemma! Absolutely brilliant review! I will link to it as soon as I’ve got my author website set up and in the meantime, I will link to your blog on my personal blog, although it’s a non-book related blog.

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