fantasy · Ghost story · mystery · Short Stories

Alderney Ghosts – John Day ✶✶✶✶

Alderney Ghosts cover.jpg

A short ghost story as told over drinks in a pub leads to a night time investigation on deep water…

Alderney Ghost is a very short story (6 pages) which can easily be devoured in a quick ten minutes. Perfect for those who love short stories. It is well written, easy to read and quite spooky. I awarded this short story four stars as I WANTED MORE. I wanted to know more about this mysterious woman.. Whats her story? Why is she haunting people? It ends quiet suddenly and can easily be continued if John decides to extend the story. I would recommend this story to you all as a quick ten minute fix! I would also recommend John’s other books too. This story is perfect for readers who enjoy short stories, ghost stories, fantasy and mysteries rolled into one small story.

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