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Life on Belles Haven Series (6 books) – Kathleen Phythian

Something new on my blog TODAY! I was asked by the author to review this series of Children’s stories, so me and my daughter (nearly 2) have had a lovely morning reading them. See what we thought below, never too young to enjoy reading. Parents with children please have a read and see if this would suit your little ones and children. Treat them. 

About the Author:
Kathleen is a leading hynotherapist in Liverpool’s Rodney Street where she has practiced for nearly twenty years. She has a vivid imagination and a love of Border Collies, she currently has two as one died recently. Kathleen grew up with a white Border Collie called Kim who had been rescued for ill treatment, since then she has rehomed and fostered many more and I feel sure there will be many more to come. She adores birds and most other wildlife, real and mythological, including her favourite of all, Unicorns. She loves writing poetry and rhyming stories.

#1 The Candyfloss Tree (21 Pages) ✶✶✶✶✶
The Candyfloss Tree is a very special mystical tree that lives on Belle Haven just near to an unusual cave that glows brightly. This is a magical rhyming tale that explores this uniquely enchanted place of conservation where unicorns play happily alongside birds, animals and fairies who live in the mystical grove that is in the middle of the magic forest. It will lull a small child to sleep to dream of a safe magical place where anything is possible.

#2 Unicorn Bridge (62 Pages) ✶✶✶✶✶
Unicorn Bridge is a magical and enchanting tale about Jessica and Harry, two unicorns who come to Belles Haven to give birth to their first foal who is a boy. They decide to ask the hawk and the raven for suggestions for a name for their tiny son. There are more than a hundred and thirty names mentioned in the book, I wonder if one of them is yours?

#3 A Tale Of Two Unicorns (23 Pages) ✶✶✶✶✶
Jessica and Harry tell us about their life on the enchanted Belles Haven. In Unicorn Bridge they didn’t know what name to give their baby son and we had a lot of fun guessing what it might be. In this book they each tell you what they get up to in their daily lives and we hear about how important it is to be caring, sharing and to learn from our mistakes because that’s how we improve and get better.

#4 Sparkle The Unicorn (20 Pages) ✶✶✶✶✶
One Saturday night while Sparkle was out with her friends she heard about Belles Haven and also about the very special unicorn that had been born there some years ago, Rainbow. She thinks it sounds like a wonderful place to live and although Sparkle has lots of friends she is an orphan now and is hoping to find a special friend and quietly hopes that Rainbow will be the one. She manages to get an invitation to the Haven and they allow her to take some of her boss lentil soup for them to taste, she is really hoping that they will ask her to join their small herd.

#5 Twinkle The Unicorn (20 Pages) ✶✶✶✶✶
Belles Haven is a special place of conservation inhabited by many creatures real, magical and mythical. Twinkle has heard about all the fun that goes on there and her dearest friends Sparkle now lives there with Jessica and Harry and the handsome Rainbow who is now grown up. Twinkle often talks to mystic on Skype and on one of these occasions she asks her for help to keep her lovely flowing mane from becoming frizzy in the rain. Mystic makes a potion for her to use and invites Twinkle to come to the Haven. This is Twinkles tale of how she came to visit.

#6 Ruby The Christmas Unicorn (24 Pages) ✶✶✶✶✶
When the creatures that live on Belles Haven begin to open their presents on Christmas morning, they get a shock when they find Ruby underneath the Christmas tree.

My Review:
I was going to write six separate short reviews but decided to write one long review about this series instead. From the first glance the covers were clear, beautiful and perfectly set out which will appear to the child’s eye. Every story in this series is set out perfectly and told through a rhyme with a picture on each page to illustrate the words (my daughter LOVED the pictures). I loved the energy you can feel from these stories, they are very positive and you can tell the author loves writing within the story and the way it is told. This series is magical and will get your child’s imagination buzzing again!

Within each story is a powerful message to the children which is to be kind, to be honest, to be a good person and to admit to your mistakes! Even I (22 years old) enjoyed reading this series but I enjoyed the fact my daughter sat with me through them all looking at all the beautiful pictures and she seemed very fascinated. Her favourite book was Unicorn Bridge where all the different animals were helping to pick a name for the baby. They are the perfectly length for a short children’s story and at the end of each book is questions for the child to think about and answer in relation to the story they have just read a bit like a comprehension but a bit of fun for the imagination too (for the older kids of course).

I believe each book deserved the five stars I awarded, it is everything a child could need in a story. Magical, fantasy, Christmas, imagination and illustrations. I would highly recommend this series to all you parents out there who are raising a bookworm or want to get their child to read more. You will not be disappointed! Myself and my daughter really enjoyed them and its also great for bonding. Enjoy, we did.

3 thoughts on “Life on Belles Haven Series (6 books) – Kathleen Phythian

  1. Thank you very much Gemma I am so glad you and your daughter enjoyed my tales about life on Belles Haven. I thoroughly enjoyed writing them and had great fun with the illustrations. Starburst and Moonbeam are the next two in the series and I am hoping to have them out by Christmas. ☮❤


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