contemporary · Emotional

The Easy Way Out – Steven Amsterdam ✶✶✶


If you could help someone in pain, would you?
Evan is a nurse, a suicide assistant. His job is legal . . . just. He’s the one at the hospital who hands out the last drink to those who ask for it.
Evan’s friends don’t know what he does during the day. His mother, Viv, doesn’t know what he’s up to at night. And his supervisor suspects there may be trouble ahead.
As he helps one patient after another die, Evan pushes against legality, his own morality and the best intentions of those closest to him, discovering that his own path will be neither quick nor painless.
He knows what he has to do.

I voluntarily reviewed an advance readers copy of this story thanks to Netgalley. I must start by explaining why I have awarded three stars. Firstly, I found it a very emotional and serious read throughout as most of the book is about ‘helping’ people die and everyone has their own opinion on that matter. Secondly, there are no chapters throughout the book, instead the story is split into three different sections. Lastly, I found other parts of this story wierd for example the relationships Evan had with some of the other characters. But I must admit it is well written and I did keep reading until the end as I wanted to know how it would end and what would happen. I don’t even know what book category I should put this book under as its a very serious book which I am not used to reading. But if it sounds like your kind of story I’d recommend you go check it out. Enjoy.

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