chick-lit · romance

Teach A Teacher A Lesson- Cat Nicolaou ✶✶✶✶✶


Sam wants revenge. Rita wants to have a good time.
The cruise around the Mediterranean is a gift to herself for her upcoming birthday. Rita is still a timid high-school teacher, but Sam is not the boy she used to know.

Driven by obsession and hate, Sam is determined to break the woman who brought his heart to ruin. Rita’s mere presence, though, brings out feelings he has fought against for years. Will Sam succeed in his quest for revenge or will he be conquered by love?
They are about to embark on a seductive and dangerous voyage that will change their lives.

With thanks to the author for allowing me to read her book, I have voluntarily reviewed this story. HAPPY PUBLICATION DAY!!! Teach A Teacher A Lesson is out today and I would highly recommend you all go and check it out. I loved this story. It is easy to read with short chapters and written well. I enjoyed it. The perfect story for chick-lit and romance fans with a TWIST! I loved the setting of the story (a cruise). Wish I could go on a cruise, very jealous. The characters were perfect but I must admit I wasn’t a fan of Sam from the beginning! But I still wanted more from the story, especially since it ends on a cliffhanger which could have gone on more to reveal all and the future (wishful thinking). Highly recommended from me. Loved it. Whenever I want more from a story it means I really enjoyed it. Enjoy, I did!

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