chick-lit · romance

Ready to Love – Jon Appleton ✶✶✶


Looking for love? Looking to leave? Moving on? Moving in? Or just getting by …
This sparkling debut comedy is for fans of Bridget Jones and Cold Feet.
Meet 30-somethings Minna and Jeff, who really ought to be a couple. Now meet the people who keep them apart – and the people who bring them together.

My Review: 
Thanks to TBC for allowing me a copy of this story, I have voluntarily read and reviewed this book. Ready to love is an average romance/chick-lit story! I awarded three stars as it personally took me a while to get into the story (half way through) and a few days to finish! Ready to Love does not contains chapters, instead the story is split into four long parts and personally I prefer chapters. However, the story is written well, has a beautiful ending and I love the cover! Enjoy.

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